I Am Not Feeling too Well Dr Google

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Google ranks second only to doctors as source of health information.

Not that it comes as much of a surprise, but after asking your doctor, Google is the next most influential advisor about health information.

A national survey found Americans rely highly on Google searches as a source of health care information. The survey, conducted in April 2010 discovered that 22% of respondents consider Google searches ‘influential’ in seeking health information.

The search engine ranked second only to doctors (44%) in reported influence and was named more than twice as often as nurses, pharmacists, advocacy groups and friends or family members.

Online communities aren’t yet a major influencer in health care. Only 12% of respondents used online forums in their last search for health information, and only 37% considered forums somewhat or extremely reliable.

I am not sure what you do with this information but if any of your activities are involved in the health business then improving your Google footprint would seem like a good idea.

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