80 Essential Blogs for the Modern-Day Marketing Student

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These days, marketing has changed by leaps and bounds. If you can’t keep up with learning the latest strategies, you simply can’t keep up. Check out these blogs to stay on top of the essentials in modern day marketing.


These blogs offer a broad look at marketing.

  1. The Marketing Blog: Learn for more than 13 years of marketing experience with this blog.
  2. Influential Marketing Blog: Check out this blog about influential marketing.
  3. MarketingProfs: Get your daily fix of marketing education from MarketingProfs.
  4. KnowThis: KnowThis offers marketing tutorials, news, and more.
  5. The Big Fat Marketing Blog: Find marketing news and commentary from the Big Fat Marketing Blog.
  6. Marketing Tea Party: Ron Shevlin offers this blog on marketing.
  7. The More Clients Blog: Check out this blog for action plan marketing.
  8. Fresh Perspectives: Follow this blog for fresh perspectives on marketing.
  9. Atlanta’s Marketing Center: Atlanta’s Marketing Center is never business as usual.
  10. Duct Tape Marketing: Duct Tape Marketing will teach you about simple, effective, and affordable small business marketing.
  11. Greta’s Tourism Marketing Tips: Check out this blog for tourism marketing tips.
  12. Marketing Interactions: Study the interactions of marketing with this blog.
  13. Marketing Productivity Blog: Check out this blog about marketing productivity.
  14. Fortune Marketing: Fortune Marketing covers small business marketing tips and ideas.
  15. About: Marketing: Laura Lake’s blog shares the basics of marketing.
  16. Freaking Marketing: Find innovative strategies for marketing on this blog.
  17. Jim’s Marketing Blog: Jim’s Marketing Blog shares marketing tips and ideas for small and medium sized businesses.
  18. Marketing That’s Measurable: Check out this blog about marketing and case studies.
  19. Hot Air & Hot Ideas: Hot Air & Hot Ideas will show you how to create powerful, persuasive marketing.
  20. Strategy Speaks: Don Peppers and Martha Rogers write about business strategy on this blog.
  21. Partners in Excellence: Check out Partners in Excellence to learn how to make a difference.
  22. Management Excellence: Management Excellence offers ideas and approaches in business performance excellence.
  23. Professional Service Firm Marketing Tips & Strategies: You’ll get marketing tips and strategies from this blog.
  24. Marketing for Success: Charlie Cook will teach you how to market smarter and achieve greatness.
  25. Confessions of a Professional Services Marketer: You will learn about professional services marketing from this blog.


These blogs discuss branding strategy.

  1. Brand Autopsy: Find a discussion on marketing practices with brand autopsy.
  2. BrandFreak: Get a look into branding with BrandFreak.
  3. Brand Architect: Brand Architect features the thinking and observations of Patrick Collings.
  4. Brandeo: This resource cuts through the clutter for important marketing ideas and insights.
  5. Branding Strategy Insider: Branding Strategy focuses on helping organizations create brands that build and sustain trust.


Focus on customers through these blogs.

  1. Jaffe Juice: Jaffe Juice discusses customer service and beyond.
  2. Customer World: Get an introduction to the customer controlled economy in this blog.
  3. Customers Rock!: Customers Rock! focuses on customers and their experiences.
  4. Customer Experience Matrix: Use this blog for technologies and business issues in customer interaction.
  5. Bill Geist: Bill Geist stays on top of consumer trends.
  6. Customer Experience Matters: Customer Experience Matters will help you build loyalty through customer experience, marketing, and leadership.
  7. The Customer Knowledge Advantage: The Customer Knowledge Advantage will help you turn insight into sustainable competitive success.
  8. Church of the Customer: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba explain why customers are so important.

Business Building

Study the business building aspect for marketing through these blogs.

  1. KwanG Venture Blog: KwanG Venture Blog shares strategic marketing management.
  2. Rocket Watcher: Rocket Watcher offers product marketing for startups.
  3. Beyond the Boardroom: Beyond the Boardroom discusses sales and management training.
  4. Jonathan Farrington’s Blog: This blog is written for dedicated business professionals.
  5. An Entrepreneur’s Life: Michael Cage’s blog covers entrepreneurship, rapid growth, and small business marketing.
  6. Planning Startups Stories: Tim Berry writes about business planning, startups, and more.
  7. Being Peter Kim: Being Peter Kim shares his knowledge about business building and marketing on this blog.
  8. How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s blog will teach you how to change the world.
  9. Direct Creative Blog: Dean Rieck discusses copywriting and direct marketing on the Direct Creative Blog.


These marketing blogs discuss the details of advertising.

  1. The Fruits of Imagination: Leo Burnett Toronto offers discussions on an advertising agency that thinks out loud.
  2. Advergirl: Advergirl offers her opinion on advertising.
  3. Adrants: Adrants offers marketing and advertising news with attitude.
  4. Adland: Adland will give you a look into the latest ad news.
  5. Ad Broad: Ad Broad offers random thoughts on the industry.
  6. Public Relations Blogger: This blog will teach you about public relations and beyond.

Online Marketing

Follow these blogs to learn about the latest in online marketing.

  1. Dosh Dosh: Dosh Dosh discusses Internet marketing and making money online.
  2. Masterful Marketing: Masterful Marketing will help you with marketing in a new media world.
  3. MarketingBlog.NET: MarketingBlog.NET shares tips, news, and more for online marketing.
  4. MarketingVOX: MarketingVOX shares the voice of online marketing.
  5. Connected Marketer: Learn about marketing genius from Connected Marketer.
  6. Memesponge: Memesponge will give you knowledge on intelligent marketing, product management, and ecommerce.
  7. High-Tech Product Launch and Online Marketing Blog: Read this blog for online product launch and business optimization strategies.


You’ll learn about business to business marketing from these blogs.

  1. Modern B2B Marketing: Check out this blog for the latest thinking in B2B marketing.
  2. B2Blog: B2Blog is a B2B and industrial marketing blog.
  3. Savvy B2B Marketing: Savvy B2B Marketing offers inspirational ideas and practical strategies.
  4. B2B Lead Generation Blog: This blog is focused on B2B lead generation, sales leads, and more.
  5. BtoB Magazine: BtoB Magazine shares marketing news and strategies for BtoB direct and Internet marketing.

Innovation & Automation

These blogs discuss innovation and automation in marketing.

  1. FutureLab: FutureLab discusses marketing strategy and innovation.
  2. Market2Lead: Market2Lead offers marketing automation and lead management learning.

Product Development

Learn about marketing for product development with these blogs.

  1. My View From the Shore: Harvey Briggs shares a daily look at the world of marketing and new product development.
  2. Mike Urbonas: Mike Urbonas shares product marketing and business intelligence on this blog.
  3. ProductMarketing: Find a discussion on product management and marketing on this blog.
  4. On Product Management: Follow this blog to learn about product management marketing.
  5. Merv’s Market Strategies for IT Supplies: Check out this blog for the IT industry and market strategy.
  6. Launch Clinic: Launch Clinic will help you define product launch success.

Career & Human Resources

Focus on marketing for your career and human resources through these blogs.

  1. HR Marketer Blog: This blog is dedicated to the human resource marketplace and beyond.
  2. Marketing Headhunter: Marketing Headhunter offers a look into human resources marketing.
  3. Marketing Climber: Marketing Climber helps young marketers with career management.


Read these blogs to see how sales and marketing come together.

  1. Dave Stein’s Blog for Sales Leaders: This blog helps to foster consideration of sales leadership.
  2. Sales and Sales Management Blog: Check out this blog for sales and sales management.
  3. The Sales Leadership Coach: Steven Rosen offers sales management coaching and training.
  4. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness for Sustained Growth: Read this blog for an open discussion on sales and marketing strategy.

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