Your Smart Phone Could Also Be a Spy Phone. It Is Possible that It Broadcasts Your Location without Your Knowledge. There's No Place to Hide.

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I was watching Eagle Eyes last weekend, I was thinking what happened there is actually not unlikely, we’re being watched every second. Forget about your PC spyware, they’re nothing compared with mobile phone spyware that enabled call- and text-monitoring and most of all allow anyone to tap into the phone from remotely and activate its microphone, even when it is turned OFF.

So it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Blackberry or any Android phones. These spywares are not expensive (often free) or difficult to purchase or install. Your cell phone can also tell your location. We all need our cell phones, now there’s no where to hide. There are many of these spy services out there for people who are desperate to monitor their children or employees. Companies such as Mobile Spy will help you monitor their call, mobile web browsing and text message activities. You can just log into your Mobile Spy account from any computer and see everything including GPS locations too! Scary!

One popular spyware for mobile phone is the Flexispy. They come in four packages with the high end Flexispy Pro-X which include features such as listen in on LIVE calls, secret mobile GPS tracker, read SMS messages, phone call history, email, and secretly listen in on the phone’s surroundings.The entry level is the Flexispy Bug which allows remote listening only. It turns your phone into a bug so you can listen to everything.

Are you safe? probably not. A quick way to check if you phone is bugged, look for sudden drop in battery power, and then unusually billing activity with random numbers. If you for whatever reasons need to engage in a secret conversations, take the battery off.

As early as 1997, the National Reconnaissance Organization warned that any cell phone can be turned into a microphone and transmitter for the purpose of listening to conversations in the vicinity of the phone. This is basically done by transmitting to the cell phone a maintenance command on the control channel. This command places the cellular telephone in the ‘diagnostic mode.’ When this is done, conversations in the immediate area of the telephone can be monitored over the voice channel. 
This diagnostic mode was originally designed for remote software update. Now with LBS, not only they can listen in, they can locate you within feet. OK, when do they start making anti-spy software for cell phones?

Don’t expect these privacy risks to go away. The reality is all government have no interest to fix it or make these products illegal. The more they can find out about you the better protected they feel. It is like 1984.

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