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We’re treating social media like Fantasy Football, Baseball etc. Except even those feel more like the real thing. Here are some social media fantasies vs. what I believe are the realities.

Fantasy: Social media shouldn’t live in a silo, so we are adding these responsibilities to your existing job.
Reality: Day jobs will always win and moonlighting only makes you tired.

: Let’s use latest social platform X
Reality: They don’t actually use latest social platform X, but they’ve read about it on a blog.

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Fantasy: People love coupons!
Reality: People do love coupons! And they love you only as long as you give them freebies.

Fantasy: It’s all just media.
Reality: It’s actually about interactions—and media needs to work in tandem with those.

Fantasy: People need to be educated.
Reality: Online, people educate themselves.

: It’s another place where we can tell our story.
Reality: Participants care more about their story than they do yours. Stop deleting their comments.

: They will tell friends!
Reality: Getting someone to tell a friend about you requires being remarkable. Are you?

My reality check for the day. But I’m not giving up—sorry.

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