Some Thoughts from The Past

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I’ve been trying to source the timeframe of this quote and haven’t found an exact date yet, but here’s what I do know. Leo Burnett died in 1971. So, even if he said this with his last breath, this still means in 1971 he was talking about interactive touch screen shopping.

But I also love his thoughts about how to communicate in a fragmented marketplace. And again, he was saying this almost 40 years ago. And look at the way he talks about building for the future while producing immediate sales. Too often, I think we get caught up in making our communications be one or the other.

So take a look at the whole quote and see what you think. I believe that it’s a lessons we should we be learning today.

In a related, quote, Samuel Johnson had this to say back in about 1741. 1741. Hundreds of years ago. Talking about how there are too many ads in the world. In 1741. Today, his head would explode.

As I say all the time:

                 People who don’t know history, 
are destined to think everything they’re doing is new.

So, while I don’t think we should use history to completely guide the present, I think history can provide some great insights that we can continue to use today.

Image source: gtrwndr87