The Most Important Questions Twitter Is Asking of Its Data

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Twitter shared a fascinating presentation with information on how they are handling analysis of it’s 100 Billion tweets. Much of the analysis is focused on numerous technical requirements but there are some really fascinating business requirements as well.

Those requirements were related to not just the storage of the masses of data, but the analysis of the data and it is in those requirements that I think Twitter is asking it’s most important questions:

  • Which features get people hooked?
  • Which features do successful users use often?

Goes to show, even with the mammoth task of just storing 100 Billion tweets in ways that are parseable, splitable, reusable, small in data size and hierarchical, they are still focused on some important behavior analysis.

The presentation was put together by Kevin Weil who is the Analytics Lead at Twitter.

Thanks also to both Mack Collier and Rob Kubarych for pointing me to additional material

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