Data on Household Expenditure Tells a Lot of Stories

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I am never to sure about the accuracy of these stats, but they are the best (in terms of quality and breadth) that you are going to get in the UK. You will find it tucked away amongst a sea of other stats in this report from the Office of National Statistics.

What grabs your attention?

Why do the 30-49s spend 5 times more on ‘other’ than the 75+?

The spend of the 30-49 and 50-64 year old is not that much different (other than ‘other’)

The high percentage spend of the 65-74 year olds on recreation and culture

The almost constant percentage spend on restaurants and hotels for all of the ages up until 65+

The 50-64 year olds having the highest absolute spend per person.

All good factlets for a presentation and to justify the importance of the older market.

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