Technology Use Is Becoming Age-neutral

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Motorola has just discovered the concept of age neutral behaviour. Better late than never.

The research study (Media Engagement Barometer) found that high percentages of Americans – across multiple generations – are using media and mobile technology. Age no longer dictates new media use. And surprisingly, influencers who drive usage are now found in every group. Well that is not totally true but Motorola has definitely confirmed something that a few of us have been banging on about.

What we are seeing is the highly engage technology group of older people is growing in size. It is expanding from the leading edge users to masses. Let’s be honest, using Facebook, Twitter, my beloved iPhone and all of the other goodies isn’t exactly difficult.

We have constructed this idea that only Yoof have the mental horsepower/agility to understand this stuff – plainly nonsense. For the tech aware members of an older generation that brought up trying to work out the mysteries of MSDOS it is all easy-peasy.

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