MIT's Sixth Sense

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This was one of the talks at TED earlier this year that got everyone talking about what the future of AR can look like.

This demo — from Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry — was the buzz of TED. It’s a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some.

Think about technology that allows information to be projected onto the real world and you start to realize how important this can be. Imagine that I have a peanut allergy and, as I walk through the grocery store, the Sixth Sense automatically tells me which foods are made with peanuts. Could be pretty powerful, eh?

But it also means direct information at the point of brand interaction. It means that no matter what your ad campaign says, when I walk into a store and see all kinds of information projected onto your product, from professional ratings to consumer reviews, right there, can make or break the purchase decision.

The Sixth Sense is going open source and we’ll see many more developments on this technology in the future.

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