The Marketing Take on David Letterman’s Sexual Exploits

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I have to be honest with you but what David Letterman did or didn’t do and the ensuing media coverage has passed me by.

I received an e-mail from somebody at Vibrant Nation that made me think again.

Firstly, DL is (was) a big hit with women in their mid 50s – they are the majority of his viewers.

Secondly, he seems to have a tirade of abuse from some quarters yet his viewing figures are on the up.

It would seem from the discussion on the Vibrant Nation web site that its users are not overly surprised, shocked or concerned about DL’s shenanigans.

So what lessons can marketers learn? This is what Vibrant Nation has to say

It tells them that while women are interested in celebrity gossip, they aren’t driven by it. Even when they talk about it they use it as a springboard to talk about other issues more important to them.

It also tells them that Boomer women aren’t easily caught up in the distraction of scandals. They know that people make mistakes – big mistakes, bad mistakes – but want to get on with their own lives rather than get sucked into fights over behavior they know that people will engage in forever.

Finally, it tells marketers (who are still more likely to be men than women) that the ultimate stories are not about men but about women – women who spend a lot of time putting up with men who do wrong. Tell them a story about real women facing real challenges – women like them – and they will respond.

Interesting stuff.

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