A Comprehensive Report about the UK Communications Market

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The 2009 Ofcom Communications Market Report is published, all 332 pages of it.

Want to know anything about the TV, Radio and telecommunications markets in the UK then look no further. And it’s is free. Well it is not free, the UK taxpayer pays Ofcom a fortune for producing the thing but it gives the impression of being free.

The report contains lots about how the use of communications services varies by gender, socio-economic group and age. It is a goldmine of factlets, like the one above.

Beware of these stark ‘averages’ since they might lead you to the wrong conclusion. Only 18% of the 75+ have home broadband, but this small number will be the most affluent and Web literate. 83% of the 35-54 year olds have broadband at home but that will include the fall spectrum of consumer wealth.

As much as I begrudge the cost of Ofcom I have to say they do produce extremely competent reports.

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