Don't Forget Older Men in Your Marketing Plans

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The arguments/examples in this article are from the US but I reckon the argument holds true for the UK.

I am as guilty as anybody in telling my clients that it is all about targeting the older woman not men. Maybe I have been overdoing things a bit.

According to this article 40% of men over the age of 50 said they are not feeling increased stress because of the economy, compared with 30% of women in the same age group. In addition, Baby Boomer men are taking on more family shopping roles and are more likely to buy brand-name products.

The survey found that about one-third of Baby Boomer males are the main household grocery shopper, up from 20% ten years ago. While in the store, about half (46%) of these men are willing to purchase brand names over store brands, compared with about 26% of women.

I am a sure this change in behaviour has a big divide between the young-old and the old-old and also by socio economic group so the results need to be read with caution.

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