50-plus Business Ventures – Lessons from the US

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Each year a competition takes place, at Santa Clara University, called the Boomer Summit where start-up businesses pitch for a prize for the best business concept aimed at the Boomer market.

So where do our friends in the US see the future of Boomer ventures. These are the concepts of the five finalists:

A super- dopper hearing aid. The venture is not launched.

Ageing in place. Two of the companies are having a crack at this sector one of which is Life at Home Longer – the other is to launch.

Providing information to assist with the selection of care homes/service using user generated content. The Senior List

Medical tourism – how to make your retirement income go further by selecting cheaper medical assistance from abroad Traveling4Health.

My observations are:

No surprises. This is what I would expect in the UK. To be honest they are all a tad too predictable.

The popularity of Ageing in place – This is going to be such big business since it provides a solution that is popular with the customer and, in the case of the UK, the Government since it is perceived as a way of saving money.

What is disappointing is the paucity of technology solutions. If you are not going to get high tech solutions coming from the West Coast you are sure as eggs are eggs not going to get them coming from the UK.

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