The Ten Conversations to Listen for in Social Media

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by: Matt Rhodes

For any brand using social media, an important first stage is to find out what people are saying about you online and then monitor these discussions and conversations. You can build on these, engage the people talking about you and learn from what they say. We’ve looked before at how to react if somebody writes about your brand online. Today’s Required Reading at FreshNetworks looks not at how to respond but the types of conversations themselves.


Image by FredArmitage via Flickr

The presentation below, from David Alston of Radian6 looks first at the worries and objections that people can have to using social media, and then moves on to the ten conversations to listen for in social media:

  • The complaint
  • The compliment
  • The problem
  • The question or inquiry
  • The campaign impact
  • The crisis
  • The competitor
  • The crowd
  • The influencer
  • The point of need

Search for conversations about your brand today and see which of these conversations you find.

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