Removing a Blogpost

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by: Alain Thys

We have a Futurelab first, in that we are removing a post from this blog. Some time ago I wrote a short article in which I challenged the ways in which advertising effectiveness awards could be won, based on a statement which was allegedly made by Mr. Razvan Matasel from Romania.

Mr. Matasel has served a legal notice requesting the rectification of this statement threatening to file legal suite if we do not do so. As we believe this would be time consuming and a no-win situation for all involved, we want to clarify that it has never been our intention (now or in the past) to accuse Mr. Matasel of any wrongdoing, nor imply unethical behaviour on his behalf. This is underwritten by the fact that we only published Mr. Matasel’s name on specific request of the IAA-Romania. If other people have read more into the post  than was intended, we regret that. 

As a demonstration of this goodwill, we are not only publishing this statement, but have removed the original blogpost from our servers. This does not mean we stop being committed to our cause for a revived marketing and advertising profession. It does illustrate that there is no ill-will towards Mr. Matasel in any way, nor any desire to harm his business.