The Medium of Business Is Behavior

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by: Karl Long

It struck me recently while watching a presentation called “The Medium of Design is Behavior” (it was targeting interaction designers but I think it’s pretty accurate to say all design uses the medium of behavior*). It then struck me that you could say the same thing about business “the medium of business is behavior” and be pretty accurate. What I realized as I thought about this though was that although design and business were both trying to influence behavior that they to approach the problem from two different sides, one from empathy and one from power.

Anyway, I put together a quick presentation to explore the ideas further and I’m fascinated by the direction.

Please leave any feedback in the comments, this is very early stage and I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.

Please check out these sources of inspiration as well, I stand on the shoulders of others:

*A couple of people suggested that design was also about attitude and not behavior, but I would suggest that attitude will influence behavior.

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