Schick Commercial's 'Aha!' Moment

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by: Roger Dooley

When the brain decodes a puzzle, even a simple one, there’s a little reward. Marketers have sometimes used this to good effect – see Puzzles Boost Brand Recognition and Marketing to the Infovore. Watch this commercial from Schick for its Quattro TrimStyle for Women razor:

You probably didn’t “get” the imagery at first, but after a few seconds no doubt it kicked in. The camera work and editing isn’t particularly subtle. (If you didn’t get it at all, watch it again while thinking of English slang for the various areas where one might employ the product in question.)

In this case, the Aha! solution doesn’t relate directly to the brand or product name, so the branding impact might be less effective. What do you think? Is there a neuromarketing benefit here? Is the Schick ad an effective ad? Will some be offended?

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