MassivelyNetworked: What Happens as Marketing Gets Truly Interactive?

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by: David Polinchock

Some good coverage of several SXSW sessions about the future of marketing, and, yours truly gets some press! Liked what Pamela had to say was her key takeaway:

My takeaway is these trends are likely to dramatically alter where, how, what and to whom we market products and services in the near future – and, most importantly, why we do it.

We’ve been trying to get this message to our clients for a number of years. And when you start seeing things like the Sixth Sense work from MIT (see video below for some damn cool video of this project), you can’t help but wonder how all of this technology will impact what we do in the advertising industry. And you add ubiquitous computing, and you’re talking about some game changing experiences.

Read the whole piece to get Pamela’s take on how all of these technologies will create great opportunities for us folks in the advertising industry in the future.

As Polinchock said of traditional retail, "Physical retail experience has to deliver more than price and product." If retailers don’t evolve to compete with applications such as Amazon’s iPhone app that allows you to enter a brick and mortar, take a picture, price compare and purchase online, they will become "stupidly expensive websites." To survive, physical stores will have to provide some valuable service or experience that can’t easily be found online. In Polinchock’s view, it’s a matter not of creating just brand awareness, but "brand utility."

MassivelyNetworked: What happens as marketing gets truly interactive? .

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