GPS Films

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by: David Polinchock

Catching up on my tweets this morning and came across this originally posted by the folks at ydreams (yea, I’m going through their entire twitter feed because they have so many cool ideas listed there!). So here’s the deal, it’s a location based movie, where your location is both the scene of what you’re watching and the trigger for watching the scene. How cool is that!

We are so only beginning to tap into these new tools to create stories and way too often, we’re just doing the same old stuff using new tools. But think about the content you can create with a city as both the location and the trigger. It could be huge for branded content and I’m guessing that people would really take to it.

Need to really look more deeply into this subject and write a longer piece in the near future.

GPSFILM "The Using Of" from GPSFILM on Vimeo.

Location based mobile cinema – Fast Forward – FWD:labs.

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