Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: The Top 5 Tips from Our Thought Leaders

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by: Jon Miller

Over the past four months, I’ve been fortunate enough to interview several B2B marketing Thought Leaders and share their answers here. From lead nurturing to effective marketing communication, the Thought Leader Interviews covered a wide range of B2B marketing topics. Here are the five top tips from across these interviews that B2B marketers can utilize to generate more and better qualified leads and greater ROI.

The Top 5 Tips for Better B2B Marketing are:

1. Start with a Solid Base. According to thought leader Paul Dunay, a successful, high-yield B2B marketing program relies on a solid lead nurturing platform. In order to make best use of the leads that come in, marketers need a system that can track, qualify and contact leads regularly in order to effectively nurture and follow up with prospects.

2. Use Push AND Pull Tactics. Many B2B marketers focus on the push tactics in order to find new customers. While this is a necessary component of B2B marketing, the majority of B2B purchasers seek out a vendor when they are ready to buy. Thought Leader Craig Rosenberg emphasized that the most effective demand generation campaigns utilize a combination of both types of marketing tactics. B2B marketers should ensure they can easily be found by prospective customers through a comprehensive program of website optimization and cultivating an online presence via:

  • Industry Blogs
  • Relevant Social Networks
  • Media Sharing Sites
  • Social Bookmarking sites
  • Paid Search

3. Integrate Your Efforts. The previous tip underscored the importance of a varied marketing strategy. Within the different venues a B2B marketer uses to reach prospects, consistent messaging is vital. Thought Leader Dianna Huff highlights integrated messaging as a key component of a successful B2B marketing communication strategy. As prospects seek out and interact with B2B vendors in multiple mediums, an integrated marketing message can ensure a given vendor stands out and is remembered.

4. Innovate. It is easy for B2B marketers to get stuck in a rut by sticking to what has always worked. However, in a time where he marketplace is constantly changing, marketer might want to re-think this approach. Thought Leader Hunter Boyle advises B2B marketers to adapt their methods and test bold moves in order to both effectively reach and resonate with prospective clients for demand generation. Whether new ideas work or fail, B2B marketers can use the results to refine their processes and develop even more successful ideas.

5. Test, Test and Retest. While developing innovative new tactics is important, it is also important to thoroughly test these tactics before jumping in head-first. Thought Leader Mark Klein stresses the importance of testing as a quick and easy way to jumpstart your marketing ROI. An idea may seem promising, however until a tactic starts generating results there is no way to be certain. Even successful tactics can be improved upon, and testing and retesting is the best way to determine which aspects to refine in order to reach the campaign that will yield the highest ROI.

By following the combined advice of the Modern B2B Marketing Blog’s Thought Leadership Interviews, B2B marketers can stay ahead of the competition and deliver highly effective results.

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