Thinking Visually, the Movie

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by: David Armano

OK, so it’s not "the movie" but above is a video from my talk the the Motion Graphics Festival a few months ago. To be honest with you, I’m just so pleased that I had the opportunity to talk about something besides social networking, user experience or brands. I firmly believe that thinking and communicating visually will be an increasingly important skill for all of us as we navigate through complex times. The talk was outlined as follows:

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Effective communication is everyone’s job—whether you are trying to sell in a concept or convince a client. Visual Thinking can help us take in complex information and synthesize it into something meaningful. In an increasingly fragmented and cluttered world, simple imagery, metaphors and mindmaps can get people to understand the abstract and make your ideas tangible. Find out why thinking visually may be one of the most sought after abilities of the 21st century.

Hope you find it helpful.

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