ROI Math for Brands on Twitter

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Tweetwasters, a new Twitter-based toy,  calculates the total amount time you spent twittering by multiplying all your tweets by 30 seconds (a conservative estimate, in my opinion, since you probably spend more time reading than typing).

I thought it would be interesting to check a few of the brands I follow (the links are to the corresponding tweetwaster pages):

ComcastCares: 20,719 tweets, ~173 hours
Starbucks:  591 tweet, ~5 hours
HRBlock: 303 tweets, ~3 hours
DellOutlet: 143 tweets, 1.19hours
SouthwestAir: 1,112 tweets, 9.27 hours
Zappos: 1,226 tweets, 10.22 hours

Who is doing better, Comcast or Zappos? Let’s assume that our benchmark is cost per follower and crunch some numbers.

ComcastCares is run by the company’s director of digital care who makes, let’s say, $50/hr and has written 20.719 tweets in ~173 hours.   Total time investment into Comcast’s Twitter account is $8,650.  The account has 6,001 followers, which results in $1.44 per follower.

Zappos is being represented on Twitter by its CEO, who is paid, say, $250/hr and has produced 1,226 tweets in ~10 hours, which makes the total time investment about $2500 and the cost of each of Zappo’s 24,049 followers about 10 cents apiece — 14 times cheaper. 

Here’s a pretty inclusive list of brands on Twitter. Maybe someone will write a script to run them through Tweetwasters to find the most sociable and efficient brand account?

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