maniaTV Featuring Brian Crecente On Gaming Blogs

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by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: maniaTV

Brian Crecente, managing editor at and respected gaming authority, appears on the latest edition of The War Room from maniaTV to weigh in some heavily debated topics including the future of the gaming industry, the rise of gaming Blogs, and publishing ethics when dealing with game sponsors.

The War Room Featuring Kotaku’s Brian Crecente
At the War Room, expert gamers debate the latest gaming topics and trends in a roundtable format. The screen and the screen time are split into 4 quarters, a countdown clock rules the day and the Arcade team takes on other gaming authorities from new and old school media outlets alike.

Tune in, and be keyed in, on these discussions and more in this episode of the War Room by following the link,content,videos,arcade,war_room,season_4,arcade___war_room_featuring_kotaku_s_brian_crecente; (Brian appears after 4 minutes or so).

Kotaku is a blog which focuses on video games and is part of Gawker Media’s "Gawker" network of sites, which also includes Gizmodo, and Consumerist.

Brian Crecente, a former crime reporter at several national papers, helped to launch Kotaku in October 2004, and has since appeared as a gaming authority on CNBC, ABC World News, Fox National News, CNN and NPR.

He has been quoted by the BBC, New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. His articles have appeared in The New York Post, Playboy Magazine, Wired Magazine and on Scripp’s newswire and MSNBC.

He is a regular contributor to Variety, The Rocky Mountain News and Paste Magazine and has been profiled by the Sydney Morning Herald and El Pais.

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