Everything I Need to Know about Entrepreneurship I Learned from My Comrades in Moscow

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by: Guy Kawasaki

You can start a business anywhere.

Celebrity endorsements don’t have to be expensive.

Buddha is in the details (see next photo).

 The details.

 Nothing is what it seems (see next photo).

 What it is.

 You need to think big.

And don’t worry, be crappy.

Do anything for your customer. (Read more about this photo.)

Things are more complex than they seem. (I searched for a San Jose Sharks doll but couldn’t find one.)

Never turn your back on your investors.

Don’t take “no” for an answer.

Don’t be subtle with your advertising.

Treat everyone like a star.

Placement is everything (world-class shopping center called Gum, right across Red Square).
Above all, you need big balls to be an entrepreneur.

Can I tell you a funny story? A guard at the Kremlin asked me what kind of lens I had on my Nikon D90. I told him it was 18-200mm, and he wouldn’t allow me to take it in because it was too powerful!

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