A Whitepaper Outlining an Ad Pre-Testing Model Based on Prediction Markets

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by: Iqbal Mohammed

A long while ago, Leland Maschmeyer (posting at his erstwhile blog ‘Whistle Through Your Comb’) had put forth the idea of prediction markets substituting for advertising pre-testing. As a self-confessed believer of prediction markets-for-everything, I initially found the idea interesting but implausible. Leland and I exchanged mails and comments – and put the idea aside.

But the possibility intrigued me – and I kept returning to it, trying to find ways to make the contraption work. The result is the following whitepaper which outlines a new totally new model for ad pre-testing using prediction markets.

Here’s an abstract of the paper :

"The fundamental principles behind current advertising pre-testing models have hardly changed in the past few decades. This paper argues that it’s time to update the discipline with contemporary paradigms of collaborative thinking and decision-making. Using the thinking behind prediction markets, the paper constructs a completely revamped model for ad pre-testing – offering another avenue for advertisers seeking precious market information, while also clarifying the role played by traditional ad pre-testing.

You can download the paper here:

I would love to hear comments and views.

[The word cloud at the beginning of the post is Wordle summary of the entire paper.]

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