Futurelab Makeover – tell us how you want it

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By: Stefan Kolle

After two and a half years (during which we’ve grown to 50.000 regular readers and have been nominated for a Webbie) it’s about time for a total makeover of the Futurelab universe, as the look has gone a bit stale. It’s just sooooo 2006, don’t you think?

We will be launching a few new sections and services soon (watch this space), but will also rebuild all sites into a new, integrated interface. As we’re always a bit busy, this will take a few months, so don’t hold your breath (yet). But, we’d really like your input.

What would you like to see – what would need to change? Mobile access? Full articles in the RSS feed? You’ll get it, and much more. But what else? Which features can you not live without anymore? Which other content sites should we look at for inspiration? Who would youlike to see as new contributors?

Please drop us a line at info@futurelab.net or leave a comment. We’ll appreciate it much, and the best suggestion will receive a goodie. We don’t know what yet, but we’ll make it relevant to you. Relevance is king, after all.