Unsung Ideas #8

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by: Iqbal Mohammed

Technology changes things. Most of the time in expected, pleasant ways. But sometimes, in more unexpected ways and often accompanied by Richter-9 rude shock.

It was the latter for professional photographers, as BBC announced their radical plans for sourcing pictures for their website. Instead of relying on pictures from a stock agency, they are creating their own stock by inviting readers to send images – shot either with increasingly popular digicam or its more omnipresent digital cousin, the camera-equipped mobile phone.

With the promise of seeing their pictures used by BBC, readers are rushing in pictures of everything they see. Admittedly the quality varies, but editors at BBC sieve out the bad ones. With sheer numbers on their side, a sizeable collection of great quality work is left behind. Good enough never to have to go back and pay valuable pennies to a stock agency.

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