Thingamy Manifesto

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by: Sigurd Rinde

In these day of New Year Resolutions, Five Things You Do Not Know About Me and Hugh’s rapidly increasing list of Manifests I crumbled under pressure (thanks Hugh!).

Actually, manifesto? Well, more like a summary of reasons why we’re doing the thingamy:

1. The Organisational Hierarchy is kaput – as single purpose executor of the Business Model it requires reorganisation every time you need to get better, an utterly futile exercise most of the time. Replace it.

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2. Managing is a waste of time. Leadership I need, getting out of bed in the morning I can do myself.

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3. Legacy software models the "way we always did things" – usually a model from the days of paper, quills and desks. Model reality instead.

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4. Tree-structures are faulty. "Where it resides" is only two dimensional and suitable only for places. Use tags and any other means to enhance the knowledge and make finding easier.

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5. A report is simply logic applied to raw data. Apply when needed and keep all data in raw form. That will do away with applications, middleware, complexity and deliver far better reports.

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6. Accounting was “invented” in 1573 1494 using paper and quills, dump it and let the IT system that delivers the flows capture the real data and display it any way you want real-time.

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7. Budgets are completely silly. You know nothing about the future so forget it and leave such to soothsayers and magicians.

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8. Think of processes as "what happens to things", not "what things happen".

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9. Documents and forms are bad – they only document "what things happen" creating reconciliation, errors and rigid processes. Let the thing itself capture what happens to it.

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10. Process is not a track, it’s a football game where you see the goal and look for and try openings all the time. The ball is the flow.

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11. Flow is everything – flow is relationship, flow is knowledge, flow is context and flow creates value. Your business is all about flows, never forget it. Build the flows, then better the flows to better the value and your margins. Do it, then do it again, then do it more. Think extreme Business Planning.

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