Pushy Buggers

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by: Sigurd Rinde

Push, push and even more pestering "marketing" is everywhere.

Today’s example is WebEx – which surprises me no end – they should be a bleeding edge web based new economy kind of thingie one would think. Note the slogan on their site – "Join the revolution!".

But no. Must be the one against Louis XVI they’re talking about.

Did a trial once, not that bad, lag was pretty useless though, 10 to 20 seconds – but I suspect it would get better if I used their UK server.

Price was not so good either. Rather fuhgettabout it price for me. One hour would increase my annual "marketing budget" (typepad.com) with 50%.

Then all hell started – every time I even got close to the blasted thing I received some kind of pestering mail – questionnaire, "Am I happy with the services?", "We have a great offer for you!".

And then the marketdroids called, the modern version of poltergeists.

Latest today from one of their ladies in Holland wanting to know "how she could help me".

When I told her I was not happy about the lag (had to explain what I meant by "lag") she responded "No, that’s not so, we’re much better than everybody else!". Ah, good going, denial is much better than listening I guess.

So I told her I’m using VNC, free and no lag to talk about – her response? "Good for you. Good luck in the future. Click…"

Well run company that one… any short sellers out there? Give it a thought.

Anyway, found out a long time ago that not using WebEx is like a filter, I filter out many old fashioned closed thinking firms that would be a waste to talk to any way! Like WebEx themselves I would think…

I like filters.

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