Kzero on Brands in Second Life

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by: Rick van der Wal via Business and Games Blog

I was really disappointed when I had to miss Nic Mitham’s (of Kzero) presentation at the Clever Zebra vBusiness Expo two days ago (Last day today!). Thankfully Nic was kind enough to post his excellent presentation online. I really love his take on the ‘corporate islands’. Most brands who have entered Second Life have bought their own island, developed a playground and tried to attract visitors to their virtual places.

Kzero’s poses the question ‘Do we [actually] need and island?’, continuing to list the disadvantages of having an island as: ‘ITS AND ISLAND’. If you are after a mainstream audience and your campaign depends on community participation, why choose your won secluded place within the virtual world? If your marketing campaign starts out with separating yourself from the actual community, you really have to wonder about your motivations for doing so.

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