If You Were a Product, What Would You Be?

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by: Design Translator

Inspired by Jason Santa Maria’s “If you were a Typeface“, I thought it would be cool if we did a similar rendition but relate it to products?

So consider this, if you were a product, what sort of product would you be? You could just list your favorite product, but it would make more sense to list a product that best describes your personality, tastes or interests etc.

Along the same lines as Jason’s post, perhaps you could also expand the the product description to include some background on the designer who designed the product and any other tit-bits such as the year it was designed or the materials used.

Let me go first:

I am a Lamy Dialog 1 by Richard Sapper!

This beautiful ball point pen was designed and launched in 2003 by Richard Sapper who is also known for the IBM Thinkpads and the iconic Alessi Melodic kettle. In 1959, Richard Sapper together with Marco Zanuso was hired as consultants to Brionvega. Their resulting series of radios and televisions ushered in an aesthetic known as techno-functionalism. This limited edition pen has a Matt titanium triangular body and a stainless steel clip.

I relate to this product as it does reflect my style or the sort of style I would aspire towards. This style would be clean, functional but still edgy. What I also like is that the Dialog 1 is able to differentiate itself from most pens, but still have a pen like typology, an association that is very important in my mind. Furthermore, not only does the Dialog 1 function well, it is simply a joyful experience to use. I finally managed to get mine on Sale at 40% off in, or all places, Thailand!

What about you? Which product do you most relate to or associate yourself with? I look forward to your replies!

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