The Co-creation Spectrum

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by: Matt Rhodes

Over the past few days we have posted five types of co-creation. From those which involve only the customer and their own product to those which don’t involve the brand at all. These types can be seen as on a spectrum of co-creation with the following characteristics and variables:

  1. Who controls the process – brand or customer?
  2. Who is involved – only customers or a range of external stakeholders?
  3. Who benefits – does the co-creation impact upon the customer’s personal experience or the broader experience of all customers?
  4. What is the legacy – does the co-creation impact upon the customer’s version of the product alone or does it change the ultimate design?

This allows us to understand the five main types of co-creation highlighted in the series:

This is a typology we will be working on, but is one we use to analyse and understand innovation and co-creation in the social media and online community sites we see and work on.

A full list of the case studies for the five types we have show are below:

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