Brands and Process Management

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by: Sigurd Rinde

Hugh, seems we have a parallel experience here!

"The phrase I can’t get out my head is "Cultural Transformation"!"

So I ask myself – what’s the difference between "brand management" and "process management"?


Both is all about "what value are you going to deliver to what customer and how are you going to use your resources to attain that and keep some of it for yourself?"

In other words – strategy (path forward) and business model (execution).

And that’s what I end up discussing when at end-users, take that strategy and execute with no fuss – actually little specific "let’s increase our efficiency" talk.

And that’s good, how many percent (or rather per mille) are there to fetch in that department by IT vendors?

Nope. The cultural shift in the IT and the marketing department is to focus on value creation and a "factor of ten"!

And what could be better I ask… 😀