Brand Culture Is the Brand Belief

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by: Scott Goodson

I love building brands. It’s an art and a science. A brand is a set of beliefs. It’s a set of expectations. Moreover it is a culture. A culture that is celebrated and lived in real terms by the people who work with the brand every day inside the company. It is also a culture to be associated with by people who have relationships with the brand in the world at large.

The mistake many people make is that they believe a brand is made up from advertising. This was true in the old world. But in the new world, where there are a million different ways to experience a brand, a billion different ways to advertise, where the fragmented media world is making it more and more difficult to navigate the multiplex…a brand is best thought of as a culture. Like French Culture. Or Swedish Culture. Something to engage with at your pleasure. On your terms. Love them meatballs, well then…dig in.

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