Micro-Interactions 2.0

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by: David Armano

Tomorrow, I’m giving a talk to a global group of executives from Citi, one of our clients. I’ve revised "Micro-Interactions" and really feel good about the direction it’s moving in.

Inspired by Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture) which I’ve talked about, I’m taking this concept down to it’s core. Much of our discussions in the industry (and outside) are focused on the social phenomena. There’s good reason for that—but we have to remember that the real power in "social" is the quality of interactions we have with companies and brands. 

The quality of these interactions is more important than ever, because the changes allow everyone to have a voice. Randy Pausch wrote about his positive experience in his book. Millions of people will be be influenced by that story in the years to come. But social networks empower everyday people to be our own "authors". We may not influence millions, but we can influence dozens and maybe even hundreds.

I’ve talked about this concept in influence ripples. But what’s worth noting is that the little things matter. Perhaps now, more than ever. Randy’s $100,000 salt and pepper shaker may just be the poster child for why companies need to start putting the people they serve first. If they do, we’ll here about it. If they don’t, we’ll hear about it. Time to treat everyone like an influencer.

Original Post: darmano.typepad.com/logic_emotion/2008/07/micro-interacti.html