Turning Delighted Customers into Devoted Customers

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by: Matt Rhodes

There’s a great set of slides from Andy Hanselman on how to turn delighted customers into devoted ones. Andy is right that your best customers and best brand advocates are those who have high expectations of your brand and a great experience when they use it.

I was thinking about my experiences last year flying to the States – first with Continental and then with Virgin Atlantic. I had heard bad things about Continental and frankly my expectations were low. In the end the flights were quite good but I still wouldn’t count myself as an advocate – they made me doubt my preconceptions but didn’t turn me into an advocate. With Virgin, on the other hand, I had very high expectations – I’ve flown with them quite a few times and always had good experiences. They didn’t disappoint – the experience was great too – and now I’m a Virgin advocate. I tell everybody who’d listen that they’re a godo airline.

None of this means that Virgin is better than Continental – in fact I had good experiences with both. But whilst with Continental I left the flights delighted with the brand; with Virgin I left feeling devoted to the brand.

Andy’s slides are below and and interesting read!

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