Overcoming Barriers to Creativity in a Corporate Environment

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by: Design Translator

Personally as Head of Industrial Design for an in-house design department I find this quote particularly interesting and quite an accurate reflection of creativity in most corporate environments.

In a recent survey by our company, eight out of 10 in-house designers said it’s difficult to convince senior management to accept ideas that deviate from the prevailing corporate style. And more than a quarter of respondents cited their company’s unwillingness to take risks as the most frequent obstacle to creativity. ~The Creative Group

After this quote, The Creative Group provides 7 suggestions on how to overcome barriers to creativity in the corporate world. Much of it is a no brainer, but a good reminder for all of us. My comments are listed after each point.

1) Design is not just ‘window dressing.’ ~ It is a strategic competitive advantage that covers the organization’s needs and future goals.

2) Work on your soft skills.
~ Watercooler talk is vital for getting the buy in.

3) Educate and enlighten. ~ Designers need to take the creative lead and help educate and drive product innovation strategies.

4) Build your case. ~ Designers need to wear different hats and understand who they are speaking to.

5) Give examples.
~ Case studies help in reducing risk and the unknown.

6) Avoid jargon.
~ Design talk in a language people can understand. So read Design Sojourn!

7) Show you’re a winner.
~ Winning design awards inspires and encourages trust in the designer’s ability to do it right.

Check out the rest of the details in the full article at Designophy

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