Finally a PC That Every Designer Has Dreamed about!

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by: Design Translator

Check out this very clever Napkin PC designed by Avery Holleman that is perfect for collaborating designers. Using e-ink and RF technology it allows designers to draw in colour and skip the very tedious stage of transferring the sketch into a digital format.

Just perfect. Hang on I said that already! But it really is, just perfect for designers and how we need our computers to function during our idea creation process.

Avery has done a great job illustrating the design in a scenario based presentation, so much so that I’ll let the images do the talking. (Note to Design Students: this is how a good scenario story board should be done!)

If anyone has a link to Avery’s website or portfolio please let me know?
Edit: Check out Avery’s other portfolio work here and fixed his mis-spelled name. Thanks Mike and apologies to Avery for the typo.

Via: My friends from Yanko Design

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