An Exercise Born out of Frustration

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by: Design Translator

First of all, I like to apologize for the lack of my usual “insanely useful” design articles lately. I have been in the last couple of months really busy resettling back in Singapore. Not only that, work has been really busy as we have kicked off a good year of product development. Lastly as the title of this post alludes to, I have been working on something that I would like to give back to the Design Industry that I love so much.

>Think>Draw>Make> (at was something that I have been thinking about for quite a bit. This was really born out of my frustration seeing designers both young and old:

  • Think & Draw but don’t Make
  • Draw & Make but don’t Think
  • Think & Make but don’t Draw

Perhaps it is about the failure of educators to teach design in such a manner, or maybe students just forget that 3D does not tell you everything. I don’t really know. However what I do know is this basic principle is vital for creating any form of good design as the reality is this process naturally weeds out the crap from good.

As a result I decided to create this Design Sojourn Mini-Site as a living reminder for everyone of this basic design process, and for the betterment of our Design Industry. A call for designers to be more self-critical and have “Zero Tolerance for Poor Design”.

No only that, as I am also a big fan of design visualizations, I have open this site to anyone interested in submitting their interpretation of what their favorite design process is. It does not necessary have to be about Think/Draw/Make per say, but about what they think it could be. This then opens the many design processes to dialogs and debate. Hopefully we can all learn something from this. Regardless it would make a great repository of process visualizations for your next design presentation!

So I like to encourage all design sojourn readers, designers and non-designers, in fact anyone who uses design and creative principles at work to submit their version of their Design process. Not to worry, there will be full kudos to the designer, and the site will be 100% Ad free. It is a public service announcement after all.

If you are interested in submitting your interpretation, do email me a 550 x 450 pixel Jpeg to: dt [at]

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! Please keep in touch.

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