Why on Earth Would Barney's New York Launch a Target Brand?

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by: Scott Goodson

In a very interesting twist of premium fashion melting into the Target Warehouse culture, Barney’s New York will launch eco-friendly Rogan for Target.

The mass consumer world and the exclusive fashion world have become very comfortable lately. H&M were one of the first retailers to combine luxury designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Victor & Rolf.

In a cool new twist, Barney’s flagship stores in NY and LA are hosting a 3 day preview of the new Rogan for Target collection. Check out the collection and purchase items before they hit Target stores only at Barneys.

Target commissioned 60 pieces from designer Rogan Gregory, who uses 100 percent certified organic cotton and other natural fibers in his collections that are typically sold at Barneys and Bloomingdale’s.

Barneys’ “Rogan for Target” collection will debut at Barneys New York May 9 through May 11, 2008, before moving to Barneys Los Angeles from May 16 through May 18, after which shoppers can look for the collection at Target stores.

A “Rogan for Target” roll-up sleeve sweater and a leopard-print swimsuit will cost $15 to $45 — significantly less than the least expensive item sold in Gregory’s Loomstate line at Barneys, where T-shirts are priced at $68 and a sweater hoodie can cost $235.

“Organic mania” is spreading to clothing at a clip and those in the swing of things know twenty-somethings represent about $520 billion in buying power.

More than 20 major brands and 1,200 smaller ones sell organic fiber products and spending on eco-fashion has doubled in the last two years.

Cool and interesting.

What’s next?

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