Adage Is Becoming Boomer Friendly

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by: Dick Stroud

A couple of years ago you would not have expected to have read this type of statement in AdAge.

Boomer Marketing has finally come of age. Yes, the game-changing, paradigm-shifting, neologism-inducing sea change has indeed arrived and is actually living up to the hype. Marketers of all kinds are waking up to the largest, wealthiest, most tantalizing market in history.

Back in Feb the magazine published another Boomer Friendly article. I wonder what has brought about this change?

Here is a thought for you this Saturday morning. Let’s say we do have a recession/down-turn or whatever you want to call it and let’s say it goes on for a year or so rather than a couple of months. What differential impact will this have on the different demographics? OK, take out the very rich and the very poor – their position isn’t affected that much changing economic conditions – but what about the large group in the middle?

When I say “down-turn” I mean shrinking asset values (houses) lower/negative returns from investments and hence pensions higher unemployment, higher costs of servicing debt and difficulty getting credit all mixed together with diving consumer confidence.

Let’s say that you have to give a presentation for the head of marketing about the impact all of this nasty stuff is going to have on consumers of different ages. What would you say? Might be an idea to think through this issue since it is a question companies should be asking themselves. I will publish my views in the next couple of weeks.

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