Sk*rt: 'Digg for Chicks'

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by: Guy Kawasaki

I love Sk*rt. You can think of it as "Digg for chicks" (in the words of QueenofSpain), and it features the user-selected stories in topic such as Arts & Entertainment, Design & Crafts, Family & Parenting, and Food & Home.

Today, for example, it pointed to a story about Chloe Marshall, a size sixteen girl who reached the finals of the Miss England contest. (Men: Let me translate: in other words, she’s not your typical skinny blonde beauty contestant.) By contrast, over in Digg (what chicks call "Sk*rt for men"), the hot story is "30 Error Messages You Never Want to See."

These are three women behind the Sk*rt: Laura Mayes, Gabrielle Blair, and Laurie Smithwick. They have a Truemoresque tale: never met face-to-face until after the site launched, spent a very small sum of money to get it going, and lead very busy lives. (The three of them have a total of eight kids, and all have full-time jobs.)

If you’d like to read very different kinds of stories from the usual "security problem found in IE," do check out Sk*rt. If you’re a man, you’ll impress many women if you do. If you’re a woman, shame on you for having to learn about Sk*rt from a man.

Today must be "get in touch with your feminine side Friday" because I just saw the world’s greatest shoe wheel. Read about it here.

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