Ten Habits of Innovation Laggards

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by: Idris Mootee

was going to write a piece on the ten successful habits of highly
innovative companies, but then I thought there are enough written about
it. May be I should write something on the “10 Habits of Innovation
Laggards” which I think is far more interesting. For many highly
innovative organizations, they are usually successful in all of the

– Remove any blocks to innovation and create a safe environment for
people to innovate – Create certain boundaries for innovation. Contrary
to popular believe, innovation requires boundaries setting. Good
creativity is based on discipline and has limits and it’s essential to
have these in place.

– Is the possibility of connections between people being enhanced,
thereby allowing for increasing conversation and information flow? The
fuel of creativity is rich connections between people and ideas.

– Encourage frequent scanning of the environment and make sure people to be alert and alive to emerging trends and ideas early.

And for those innovation laggards, here are the best practices:

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