Military Recruitment Ads from Around the World

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

I put together a YouTube playlist with a compilation of 13 recruitment ads from different countries. Comparative military propaganda highlights of the weird:


The three Swedish spots are the best. Au Pair targets women and lures them with an opportunity to blow up bridges (when was the last time a Swedish soldier blew up a bridge?). Cube and Labyrinth are wacky but very stylish. Shows how the Swedish army values cognitive abilities over muscles.

British Army – shots of a party scene are there why? (another spot has a beach and women in bikini)

The Russian spot promises recruits that they finally will be able to afford to buy flowers and a night on the town for their girlfriends. Definitely not for external consumption. (The spot is for "kontraktniki", the volunteer part of the army).

I can’t tell if the Ukranian spot isn’t a spoof. YouTube has a translated dialog script if you expand "About the video" part.

Other armies in the playlist are Pakistani, Indian, Canadian, American, Czech, Slovak, and Australian.

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