Future Scenarios 2010

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by: Idris

Change is happening fast and in a very unpredictable way. It is a bit
too fast ( particularly worse if you are in the media, entertainment
and telecommunications industry). There is barely enough time to finish
writing your three year strategy plan not to mention implementing your
last one. Many organizations are dealing with five or six strategic
issues at one time, while trying to keep in eye on future impacts of
disruptive events unfolding in their environments.
The increasing digitization of economic activities deeply impacts the
overall configuration of business models and generates interesting
mutations (the business model version of the “The Fly” if you have seen
that movie). Such mutations can be incremental only and apply to
conventional business models or they can be disruptive and translate
into the creation of innovative business models. Whatever the magnitude
of change, many of my fellow strategists refer to Darwin and promote a
controlled evolution instead of a bloody revolution. Everyone is in
search of value creation for both customers and firms. Strategic
innovation is the key driver of success.

Here are a few slides from the 80 slides deck of the keynote I
presented to many business leaders during the past two years and it
covers many potentially disruptive scenarios in 2010. It covers a wide
spectrum from technology to culture and lifestyle. Just want to share a
few of those scenarios with you here.

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