Factlet About Dating

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by: Dick Stroud

According to the ceo of Match.com (in this article in Forbes) there are about 92 million single people in the U.S. – about 3 million of them pay a fee to an Internet-based dating service for access to a pool of possible mates. That’s a lot.

Is there much of a difference in age range of people who use online dating? Not really, according to Match.com.

You don’t really see an age range difference by market. Our sweet spot is people in their late 20s into their mid to late 30s. That’s really true in most markets that we’re in. In the U.S., the 50-plus is our fastest-growing segment. That’s starting to take off in some of our international markets. Typically, in those markets what you find is that they lag 18 months behind the U.S. in category adoption.

I suspect that the uptake of 50-plus online dating in the UK is as big, if not bigger, than in the US.

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