Emerging 'Social Commerce' and 'Micropreneurs'

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by: Idris

Social Commerce is here! A French company Zlio
is pushing the right direction playing in this space. Received $4 mil
US in funding from Mangrove Capital Partners (one of the early
investors in Skype), they provide a platform that allows users to
choose a set of products they like and create their own personal pages
to sell them in just minutes. They can promote their pages by using
widgets or blogs.

The revenue sharing happens when someone buys a product on their Zlio
pages. The US version of Zlio is coming later this year, I think this
will ultimately be integrated with other social networks such as
Facebook and MySpace. Imagine making your own mini-commercial with your
web-cam and putting it up on Youtube to endorse your own mini-store.
There are currently about 100,000 shops and 2.5 mil visitors per month.
I think we will hear more about “social commerce” and “micropreneurs”. You
can expect more innovation to come pushing these concepts. Not
expecting much money changing hands but it’s expected to be lots of fun
for sure.

Original post: http://mootee.typepad.com/innovation_playground/2007/07/emerging-social.html