Despicable Use of In-Game Advertising

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Gamespot’s Dubious Honors Awards for despicable use of in-game advertising:

2004 (Need for Speed Underground)
2005 (SWAT 4, where the dynamic in-game ads made one of the first appearances)
2006 (Fight Night Round 3, a boxing game with the Burger King’s King in it)
2007 (Need for Speed ProStreet):

“Need for Speed ProStreet isn’t exactly an example of in-game advertising restraint. Playing the game offline isn’t all that offensive, but as soon as you jump on to Xbox Live, the deluge begins. The game has dynamic ads that start downloading the very first time you get online. What’s worse and even more ridiculous is that the game’s Xbox Live achievement points have ads attached to them. That’s right, even the achievements in this game are brought to you by a commercial sponsor.” Video review of the game below.

Also note the readers’ choice selections as well as nominees.

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