Merrill Lynch 2008 Internet Trends Report

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by: Guy Kawasaki

A broker friend of mine sent me this Merrill Lynch report, "Top Internet Themes for 1H’08", by Justin Post. The report contains useful information if you’re in online businesses. It discusses these six themes/events:

  1. Intensifying 3rd party seller competition between eBay and Amazon.
  2. A bump in online media spending because of the elections and the television writers’ strike.
  3. Increasing focus on mobile market initiatives by Google and Yahoo!
  4. Improving
    display ad targeting technology because of the Google/DoubleClick
    merger and Yahoo!’s acquisition of Blue Lithium and Right Media.
  5. Asset value unlock speculation because of the split of InterActive into five entities.
  6. Social networking revenue model emergence as users move away from portals to social networking sites.

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