Finland Fine Land and Hel Looks

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by: Scott Goodson

A friend of mine Anne from Helsinki wrote a wonderful description about the spectacular styling and profiling found in the nordic capital of Helsinki. There is something incredible happening up there that I’ve never seen before. It’s not London or Paris or even Tokyo, it’s something far more interesting and distinctive.

Have a peak…



Every country has its prejudices, but I’m bewildered when people share their thoughts of Finland with me. I’m not going to start mentioning the polar bears, or vodka-drinking habits, or even the continuous depression I hear that we Finns always have. Rather, I want to tell you about the streets. If something is true, it is our slight oddness and originality. I think both of those attributes are positive and sought after in the advertising business that we are in.

Sure, we need to be more functional dressers than let’s say the Signorinas in Rome, but some of us have the talent to combine creativity and stay warm in the coldness. Hel Looks is a site with street smart people sharing their style. It’s like a rebellious version of the Sartorialist, but more young and experimental. Enjoy!

We have this joke in Finland that our national outfit is the jogging suite. For jogging, for shopping, for celebration. To be honest, that still might be the case in the countryside, but in Helsinki you see amazing young people with really fresh styles. It’s not like Vogue-copies you see in European metropolies, but something that’s beyond of that. People with really good eye to match the oddest things and ability to make it look really interesting. I think it’s a blend our Eastern/Western soul. I think Hel-looks is proof of this captured.

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